We are delighted the editors of “Bead and Button” highlighted our new Mercury finish line as one of the best new products of the 2016 Bead and Button Show. We are always looking at new opportunities for finish and color for the gorgeous traditional shapes we import from artisans in the Czech Republic – it’s great to be noticed for our efforts.

Sometimes referred to as Farmers’ Silver, Mercury Glass emerged in the early 1800s from Germany as an affordable alternative to fine silver fixtures that had the added bonus of never tarnishing.

The process involved double-walled glass with a silvering liquid inserted between the walls resulting in a bright and beautiful faux finish mimicking silver. Toxic mercury was only used briefly for obvious reasons – but glassmakers throughout Europe soon developed their own proprietary formulas and mixtures to safely mirror the beautiful iridescent, metallic finish. In reality, the finish resembled a mirror more than actual silver.

The fad for the finish faded and then returned at the beginning of the 1900s. It is coming around once again  (as a flat finish) with the unique combination of silver subtle coloring appearing in all variety of craft finishes from spray paint to mirror craft.

Photos don’t do our version justice, you have to see it to appreciate the nuance and beauty.  Let us know what you think. Would you like to see more Mercury finish products?

Our Dahlia Flower Beads have been very popular since we introduced them this year. Right now we have 5 products featuring this new mercury finish.

Mercury Finish Beads - Czech Glass Beads

We have many different colors using the mercury finish line. Right now one of the most popular beads among the rondelles are the Ivory Mercury and Light Smokey Glass with mercury finish. You can find all the Mercury Finish Rondells.

Rondelles Mercury Finish

Our Dangle Drops selection is growing. We have 5 colors with the Mercury Finish, but more are in production. See the Mercury Finish Dangles.

Dangle Drops Mercury Finish

Here is another example of the Mercury Finish beads. Some of our categories only carry 1 or 2 colors, but we are widening the selection. Soon more Melons, Drops and Pinch Beads will carry our Mercury Finish

Melon Mercury Finish


Writer Judi Griggs designs and sells jewelry in Western New York in the summer and Texas in the winter.