There are 3 ways to find what you are looking for:

  1. Using our menu navigation.
  2. Using our search bar.
  3. Using advanced filtering. This article will focus on advanced filtering. has sophisticated filtering capabilities that will help you zero on in exactly what your looking for, and help you match products with similar colors, sizes and shapes. 

The filters are here:

Category: Allows you to filter by category of bead, like drop, dagger, english cut, rondelle, etc. 

Primary Color: Filters results by the predominant color of any item. For instance, you can filter by “Blue” and get results for all the blue items in our catalog.

Secondary Color: Filters results by a secondary color associated with any item. For instance, a mixed color blue-purple bead like 1320/ROL would have purple as a secondary color. If you are looking for a bead that borders on blue and purple, you can put “blue” in the primary color filter and “purple” in the secondary color.

Finish: Filters by bead finish. For instance, selecting “mercury finish” will result in seeing all of Nirvana’s exclusive mercury finish beads.

Size: Filter by the size item you are looking for. You only need one dimension to filter by size. A 6x8mm bead can be found by filtering by either 6mm or 8mm.

Shape: Filters by a general shape or theme. For instance, filtering by “nature” brings up all beads with a nature theme; elephants, leaves, flowers, suns, etc.

You can select multiple filters at a time. For instance, if you are searching for a red 6mm bead, simply set the “primary color” filter to red and the size filter to “6mm”.  Here are the results:

This video will give you a brief visual introduction to how to use our filters: