A) Call or Email Donald:

(828) 424 7232




B) Order through our website by following these steps below:

A Trunk Show Box is a risk-free box full of Semi Precious Stones and Pearls for you to try out in your store. It's a great way for you to bring in new and interesting items for special store events or to improve upon your selection of merchandise without taking on a heavy financial commitment. You have a specific amount of time (usually 30 days) to keep the box, where you may display it and sell it in your store.

The merchandise you'll receive will be of excellent quality and competitive prices. Every strand is already pre-marked with a retail price, item description, and item code, and matches a packing list you'll receive with the box. Clear instructions are given on the order sheet that comes with your box as to how you keep track of the merchandise and how to send it back once you are done with the trunk show. We even provide the shipping label for your return of the trunk show. To take advantage of our trunk shows:


First I want to say what a pleasure it was to get such a beautiful assortment of stones! I have done two trunk shows with mostly stones since we opened, and by far your's has been the most carefully selected and interesting mix as of yet. I have already sworn off using any other vendor for this particular type of thing in the future, so thank you. -Cassandra, MI-


1.- Complete Trunk Show Box Agreement:

If you are a first time trunk show box customer, you must print, sign, and fax or email back the Trunk Show Box Agreement. We ask for Credit Card information so as to secure your box and charge the 10% down-payment.

Download the Trunk Show Box Agreement :)


2.- Select the value of your Trunk Show Box:

Go to Trunk Show Boxes and select the value six of your Trunk Show Box. We can pick and choose it for you based on your suggestions. You can note your suggestions in the "comments" section when you check out your order. If you do not already have an account for our website, you will have to create one.


3.- Purchase the shipping:

You must also purchase the $30 shipping for the trunk show (also available in the trunk show box section of the website). The $30 will cover your shipping of the box in both directions (to and from our office), as we will supply the pre-paid return label inside of your box.


4. Check out your order:

After selecting your trunk show box and purchasing the shipping, you will check-out your trunk show through our shopping cart, as you would with a regular online order. You will be prompted to pay the 10% down-payment for the box. Please do not mix other website items with your trunk show order. If you plan to purchase items online besides the trunk show box, please do so in a separate order.

If you have further questions about the trunk show box, please contact us. We hope you enjoy taking advantage of this opportunity! Good luck!