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Beads for Good: Buy Beads and Help Others, Nirvana Beads Social Programs

Nirvana Beads supports organizations dedicated to improving society. Your purchases support not only our company, but different projects around the world. Over the years we have donated for the purpose of improving the lives of the needy all over the globe, including women, children and animals. Thank you for your support. 



Tashirat Orphanage

2016 - Present

The Mission of the Tashirat Orphanage is to take in disabled children, children who are too old to be adopted, or siblings who normally are separated or left in overcrowded government orphanages for the rest of their childhoods, then sent into the world alone at 18 years old with no one to count on. Tashirat is comprised of small families. Most staff members are foster parents to 3 - 8 children and each family has their living quarters. The children are cared for and loved as our own. Although they will eventually attend universities and go out into the world to start their adult lives, they will always have a home and family to fall back on.

More info: Tashirat Orphanage

Dog shelterDOG SHELTER, Mexico

"Ayuda a los que no hablan"

2016 - Present

Stray dogs are a big issue in Mexico, as there are thousands of them living in the streets all over the country. It can be heartbreaking to see their condition. Because they lack basic care, the dogs are prone to diseases and abuse.

Ruben has made his home a shelter for stray and abused dogs. Without any discrimination, he takes all animals in his charge to feed, fix and vaccinate them, and help them find new homes. Every Saturday and Sunday he comes to downtown Morelia with all his dogs, sits on the grass of the main avenue and waits for people to come and adopt the animals.

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Women's Wellbeing and Development Foundation


Since 2010, the WWD-F has been working in the public housing communities of Asheville, NC to empower low-income residents to transform themselves and their community. WWD-F offers classes and workshops that build self-esteem, improve health, and develop valuable skills. In 2011, we launched the Trail Blazers' Outdoor Adventure Club to give public housing youth the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains while building physical endurance, and learning important life skills.

More info: Women's Wellbeing and Development Foundation

Moringa projectMORINGA PROJECT, Burkina Faso



AMURT is working with the community of Bissiri in Burkina Faso, assisting farmers to maximize production on their landholdings by cooperatively producing and processing moringa and other locally grown items. Moringa is a fast growing, drought tolerant tree with countless practical and medicinal uses; AMURT is making moringa powder available as a nutritional supplement to people with both chronic and seasonal malnutrition.

More info: Amurt Burkina Faso

safe motherhoodSAFE MOTHERHOOD PROGRAM, Burkina Faso



In Northern remote villages of Burkina Faso, Sahel area, there is no medical center, the government health coverage simply does not reach there. People have to move as far as 50 km by donkey carts to get to health centers which are poorly equipped and without doctor.
"Safe Motherhood Program" organizes monthly check ups, provides basic cares to pregnant women and trains and supports local birth attendants in that area. Surveys demonstrate that we must go on with our collective efforts, because it makes a huge difference in women and children's life in Sahel.

More info: Amurt Burkina Faso




HIV and AIDS have wreaked havoc on the Kenyan population, leaving those affected by the epidemic with little hope and millions more at risk of contracting the infection. AMURT's initiatives harness the drive of community members to care for each other and educate others on HIV prevention
Across four provinces in Kenya, AMURT supports the care of 3,000 orphans and vulnerable children either affected by or infected with HIV. We provide medical treatment, education on child rights, counseling guidance, nutritional support and many opportunities for making new friends. Necessary school supplies and uniforms ensure that the children go to school.

More info: Amurt Kenya

Mama's d kitchenMAMA D'S KITCHEN, USA



Every Sunday early morning there is a long line of people waiting close to the corner of the 5th St and San Pedro St in Los Angeles, an area known as Skid Row. People are full of expectation for an old white Ford van arriving with the materials for their breakfast. They get their plastic bags to keep snacks, and a spoon to enjoy their milky cereal. They also get miscellaneous fruit, Starbucks pastries, and fresh bread and bagels from Panera. Welcome to MamaD's Kitchen.
AMURT has been involved with the hunger problem amongst the poor and the homeless in Los Angeles for the last 25 years. Our breakfast feeding through Mama D's Kitchen is legendary amongst the folks of Skid Row. It makes a huge difference in their lives. The program is maintained entirely by volunteers and public donations.

More info: Mama D's Kitchen, Los Angeles




For over 20 years, AMURTEL has been a leader in the grassroots movement for equality and empowerment in Haiti. In partnership with local leaders, AMURTEL has provided a home for children in need, education and health services, literacy programs, reforestation initiatives, micro finance and communications programs, as well as women's leadership, yoga, and human rights trainings. In its two decades of collaboration, AMURTEL has become deeply connected to the communities it serves, holding respect for local language, religion and custom at the heart of its work.

More info: Amurtel Haiti