We are very happy to announce that Nirvana Beads has started to support a small nonprofit in Mexico dedicated to the welfare of stray dogs and cats. We are helping Ruben Morelos from “Ayuda a los que no hablan” in Morelia, Michoacan.

Stray dogs are a big issue in Mexico, as there are thousands of them living in the streets all over the country. It can be heartbreaking to see their condition. Because they lack basic care, the dogs are prone to diseases and abuse. Stray cats are also a problem, but not as bad as dogs.

Before I left Mexico in 2005, it was very rare to see people fighting for animal welfare and rights. Over the years, the stray animals issue has not changed much, but people are becoming more aware of their needs and treatments. I grew up with many pets and animals around; my father and mother used to feed stray dogs and cats at home. I always had many pets for that reason, sometimes 5 cats and 4-6 dogs at a time. It is very inspiring to me to find other people who are doing the same to help other animals.

perrosI got to know Ruben because he is the one who grooms my sister’s 3 schnauzers. My family related how happy their dogs were after the grooming session, which is something that never happened when they were groomed by other people. We knew there was something special about Ruben, and the happy reaction of our dogs said so much about how much he cared for them. In getting to know Ruben, we found out that he was humbly and sincerely doing his best to make his home a shelter for stray and abused dogs and cats. Without any discrimination, he takes all animals in his charge to feed, fix and vaccinate them, and help them find new homes. Every Saturday and Sunday he comes to downtown Morelia with all his dogs, sits on the grass of the main avenue and waits for people to come and adopt the animals.

He reminded me that to do something good, you don’t need to have a lot of money or even a developed facility. Just the willingness to do what you can with what you have, an important lesson to make a difference in this world.

Thank you for being our customers and enabling us to also help others.

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