By Sarah Aube from Vintage Earth

Sarah Aube

I love working with Nirvana’s Czech glass large hole roller beads because they can easily slip over chain, leather, or a thin bead strand. They are the perfect bead for simple, standout designs.

My jewelry is heavily inspired by old world style, and by the natural landscape, so I incorporate this into my designs. It’s easy to do with these gorgeous roller beads that are the perfect mix of earthy and elegant. With their exquisite facets and a Picasso finish, they are just too stunning to overwhelm, so I stuck with simple designs that focus on the beads.


For this necklace, I featured roller beads in the sapphire and sky blue finish that are dappled with satiny gold. When you hold them up to the light, you can see the most gorgeous blue transparent glass. I paired them with antique brass rollo chain that brings out the gold wash. The scoop style is inspired by vintage bib designs, but it has a more modern, rustic look.


When it comes to color and texture, I love to mix it up. For this link bracelet, I paired the same roller beads with matte bronze melon beads and etched Druk rounds (also from Nirvana).


The tea green Picasso roller beads are the perfect match for the textured antique copper chain in this scoop style necklace. The beads appear opaque at first glance, but they are transparent glass beneath the artisan finish. 


I matched the tea green Picasso with copper again, in these rustic dangle style earrings. I incorporated matte melon rounds and etched copper ovals for an earthy flair.

Earrings with large hole beads

About Sarah Aube:

Sarah AubeShe is the designer and owner of a world called Vintage Earth, which she operates out of her studio in Southern Maine. She has been designing and selling jewelry for several years, and started Vintage Earth in 2002. 

Rocks, glass and metal are just a few of her obsessions. She loves to mix color and texture, to blend earthy with elegant. She draws much of her inspiration from nature, and she has a particular fondness for old world and Bohemian elements, and often work them into her designs. She loves to combine eras and elements, to really mix it up! Her work has been featured on many websites, including Bella Online and Style Bakery. She also is a state juried member of the Maine Made program.

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