Last month we introduced you to our etched bead jewelry design contest winner, Sabrina Finch. We had so many amazing submissions that we can't help but introduce you to our second-place winner, Linda Hollen of Flwrchyk Designs.

Linda’s lovely beaded embroidery cuff bracelet features a pastel mix of etched and other fire polished beads. Her intricate weave of flowers, drops and fabric is a delightful medley of color and texture. The bracelet is the perfect fusion of vintage and Boho styles, and is truly enchanting. It includes Czech glass flowers, seed beads, and of course the etched Druks and drops that make up the unique fringe. The beads are beautifully interwoven with gold mesh fabric that adds a feminine texture to the bracelet.

Linda shared with us a little about her background and inspiration. Her passion for jewelry design began many years ago, when she first made daisy chains with her grandmother. That creativity eventually led beading, and in the last few years has she fully immersed herself in learning and creating. She loves to study new colorways and techniques, and enjoys the communities where artists share their inspirations and designs. We asked her what inspired the lovely flower bracelet.

“Springtime,” she said. “The variety of flower shapes and the idea of fields of flowers flowing through the hills, swooping around my wrist on a bracelet.”

Her vision sounds like a dream, an artist’s vision transformed into a work of art.

Linda also sells beading supplies in one of her Etsy shops, and recently began adding Nirvana Czech beads to her inventory. Currently she is working her way through monochromatic shades of pinks and blues. “Every package I receive is more exciting and splendid,” she says. Her Nirvana favorites list is growing, particularly the flower shapes. Linda also loves the etched beads because they give her bead embroidery an extra dimension.

“These aren't my grandmother’s beads. The quality, colors, finishes and shapes give me endless inspiration, faster than I can create pieces.”

Linda Hollen’s stunning designs may be found at

Sarah Aube


 Sarah Aube is a writer and jewelry designer living in coastal Maine.