Our Story

Our story, Nirvana Beads


When Nir Kronenberg graduated from college, he was a passionate and idealistic young man seeking to make a difference in the world--to put his beliefs into action and give back to the larger community.

He was a problem solver. Fired up. He just wasn’t sure where to channel his considerable energy. That didn’t last long!

Because like every successful entrepreneur, change-agent or leader, Nir takes action.


Nir volunteered at a high-impact non-profit. They owned a bead wholesaler and needed a salesman. It wasn’t the career he had in mind! He figured he’d give it six months.

He traveled to bead shops all over the country. Ironically, his natural shyness made Nir all the more effective. Instead of pushing, selling, talking, he listened. Shop owners opened up. They shared their concerns.

The accidental salesman was learning the wholesale bead business from people running art supply stores or crafting outlets, and from managers of chain stores. Their customers were artists, designers and beading enthusiasts. Support for bead shops was key to Nir: they were “the public libraries” of the craft bead world.


With his natural focus on service to others—now, including his customers - the combination of beads, business and his reflexive altruism worked. He and the company evolved together, funding projects for those in need.

Now more involved in operations, he became the owner in 2011. He developed an interest in the Czech Glass purchased through an importer, and began working with a talented designer/photographer named Cynthia Shanti Moralez.


Shanti saw the creative possibilities in Czech Glass—the beautiful variations in color, cut, shape and finish. She went on a direct sourcing trip with Nir to the Czech Republic. Before long, she was sending new concepts back to Czech manufacturers, innovative touches to their time-honored designs--the signature of Nirvana products.

Nirvana Beads flourished with this partnership of Shanti’s artistry and Nir’s acumen, both clear on their fundamental belief in giving back to the community. To this day, Nirvana quietly maintains its impressive record of financial selflessness.


The more Czech Glass Beads & Buttons that Nirvana sells, the more good we can do in the world. Service to customers, service to those in need.