Jewelry Designs by Amy Haftkowycz

Amy Haftkowycz from Trixies Jewelry box has a talent for jewelry design that is both-of-the-box and trendsetting. Her style combines vintage and modern elements, a perfect recipe for using Czech Glass. When we asked Amy to create some designs for us using our new faceted dangle drops, there were high hopes. However, nothing could have prepared us for the ways in which she used them; the designs are not just beautiful, but completely turned the traditional use of this bead on its head. True to her form, she mixed the modern colors with vintage-look metals for a stunning result. But it was the unexpected and versatile way in which she used the bead that inspired us to have a new appreciation for the faceted dangle drop (as well as Amy's skill!). We hope these designs inspire you too.


Because of the elongated shape of these beads, designs that incorporate "things that dangle" (ie, earrings and necklaces) is where my mind naturally goes. But, I wanted to challenge myself with designing a bracelet with the faceted dangle drops. After trying several techniques and bead combinations, this is the finished piece I ultimately landed on. As is evident in all of my work, I love the way the fancier/sparklier nature of the faceted dangle drops contrasts with the rustic character of the cord and the metal beads/components. This contrast, to my eye, really makes the beauty of the focal beads - the dangle drops - jump out.

Bracelet with faceted dangle drop beads

Bracelet with faceted dangle drops


 Rosewood Charm Earrings:

I like to work in bead combinations that would generally be considered unexpected. With these earrings, I chose beads that would frame the faceted dangle drops in a way that would make the drops the star of the show. Again, I selected beads that have a more earthy tone to them, so that when they sway on either side of the faceted dangle drop, they almost "point" to it, saying "check out this gorgeous sparkly bead!"

Rosewood charm earrings: faceted dangle drops

Chandelier Earrings

I feel this stunning gray faceted dangle drop has a very vintage air to it, so designing a chandelier style earring around these beads flowed easily. The lustrous colors of the melon and rondelle beads I used to bring together a soft color palette that allows these earrings a "goes with anything" style, whether it be formal or casual. And, of course, the more swing, the better!!

Dangle drops, gray earrings


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