By Pamelia Designs

There are some rondelle beads that seem to change color with movement and light and I can't imagine using anything else in my designs. As the light shines through the hand-cut beads, they remind one of little windows with a world of their own, sort of like how stained glass windows catch light just perfectly.

Rondelles are especially divine and my favorite to work with. They are so easy to hand knot and feel luxurious to the touch. Nirvana Beads is my favorite place to shop for gorgeous Picasso rondelles. Whether you are into bead embroidery, hand-knotting, or twisting wire, Nirvana has a great selection of rondelles.

Artisan Cross

This is a lovely artisan cross medallion with hand knotted rondelle beads (0624/ron8). I was so excited when I found these beads. I hand knotted them in an ancient technique which is also my favorite. The piece is luxurious, comfortable and durable with a hand hammered hook closure.

Artisan Cross

Rondelle Wrap

This is a Bohemian Silk sari macrame knotted wrap bracelet using assorted rondelle beads. Silk sari, turquoise and rose rondelle beads all hand-knotted to form a three wrap bracelet. The bracelet began with beautiful silk sari ribbon. The new knotting technique that I just love resembles crochet, but is sturdier and more secure.

Rondelle wrap

Champagne Chaplet

These mercury rondelle beads captured my heart at first glance.  Very vintage with an antique feel. The larger matching bead holding the cross is simply beautiful. The image charms also made in my studio.

Blue Mary Chaplet

These blue rondelles remind me of stained glass windows in a cathedral and how the light catches the facets perfectly. It’s a beautiful match to the Mary image cabochon.

Hand-knotted aqua bracelet

Crafted in my studio, the piece includes hand-knotted Picasso rondelle beads in shades of blue, green, aqua, cream. I love the look of crochet jewelry, but being an active person it always feels a bit flimsy.  So this bracelet is the perfect design for a person with a busy lifestyle, as its sturdy with an organic feel. It’s strung on chocolate brown wax cording double hand-knotted between the beads and includes some of my favorite ocean-themed Picasso rondelle beads.

Bird necklace

Here I used tons of picasso beads in assorted colors, knotted by hand. It’s so comfortable to wear, with no clasp - it just slip easily over your head. The gorgeous colors in the crowned bird print glass cabochon match the picasso rondels perfectly. Intricate bead embroidery surrounds the glass. The final touch is the pendant, backed with genuine chocolate ultra suede and decorative edge stitching.

Mercury Rondelle Bracelet

I love the gorgeous pale rondel beads with mercury finish. This is one my most popular styles of bracelet, and includes bronze filigree bead caps, rhinestone spacers and vintage style tassel. Interchangeably, a dangle drop can be used in place of the tassel. 

About Pamelia Diegert from Sacred Jewelry:

Self-taught bead artisan for over 30 years.  I've learned so much from books, magazines, videos and of course by trial and error. The technique I use to create the Sacred Jewelry is an old, time-honored tradition of fine beadwork. Nothing instant.

Sacred Window shrines are hand-formed with texture added, art prints under glass. This technique took over 2 years to come into being. Each one is unique, not meant to be perfect, but to resemble relics from long ago. My sacred window shrines have hours of intricate beadwork. Each bead is stitched by hand and it can sometimes take 2 weeks to complete each piece. The bead embroidery is backed with genuine ultra suede and has decorative edge stitching. Spiritual artisan for many years.

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