One glass bead in the palm of your hand can harvest, hold and celebrate color. It can excite us, relax us or inspire us – sometimes all at the same time.
For an artist, the challenge is to take that sweet solo and build it into a sweeping score. The magic comes with the right choice of materials around that bead.  There are always the safe choices –as well as the big leaps that land at “wow“ or “ow “– but rarely in between.


Anyone who sells finished jewelry has that piece that it turned out only they loved.  And more than one that almost died on the bead board, only to be adored by a customer. The process of getting it right is neither art nor science, but a hybrid of the two.


Scientists say we each see and interpret color slightly differently. Marketers say color drives emotion. Wikipedia says humans read color from three sets of cones, enabling us to see about seven million different hues.

Certain birds and butterflies have five or more cones which could give them the capacity to recognize 10 billion tones. Thank goodness, they can’t order beads.

lentil top hole


Your Nirvana team is gratified and humbled by your generosity with your time, compliments and good ideas on our recent survey.  Now it’s time to do our homework on your suggestions and act to serve you better. We’ll tell you more about it as we go along.

We’re proud of our artisan blue/green/aqua/turquoise color combinations. We admit it, we really love them ourselves. The Corning Museum of Glass says the very first colored glass was formed with cobalt oxide and copper oxide in blues and turquoises in order to imitate lapis and turquoise. Some survey takers asked for even more subtle variations of these colors.

But others asked for more variety in stock in other parts of the color spectrum. Shanti has been hard at work designing to fill in some of the darker blues, purples and other color suggestions. Considering the Artisan process in Jablonec, it may be several months before they are all added to the collection — but know that we heard you.


We recognize the potential power of that one perfect bead in the palm of your hand — and do our best daily to put it there. Nature inspires many of the color choices in Nirvana’s artisan Czech glass beads.


Writer Judi Griggs designs and sells jewelry in Western New York in the summer and Texas in the winter.