Lisa Applegate of Studio 36 Bead Shop has distinguished herself as not only the owner of a wonderful bead store with an artisanal flavor, but one that authentically represents her passion and distinctive skill as a designer. As a company we've been inside hundreds of bead stores, and Studio 36 is of a genre of stores that we happen to love. Here the focus is on the art rather than just the products, inspired by the owner's own identity and skill as an artist, and the inventory has been culled to meet their discerning taste and sophisticated design ideas. This is where Nirvana's beads go to live, and thrive. 

Amazing Jewelry by Lisa Applegate

The new faceted ovals are absolutely gorgeous, what’s not to love!, just like all of the other Nirvana Czech beads. It’s not often that you come across beads that simply have the “wow” factor. For me, when designing, I am always looking for something new and interesting to add to my work. When asked to create a few pieces using these little pretties, I couldn’t wait to get started. Outside of the shape being gorgeous, the colors are amazing and I personally found that they work well with just about anything in my shop’s collection. I am anxious to see what other colors Nir has up his sleeves to share with us.

The inspiration for my jewelry was my love for color and my love for nature, not sure which one ranks first. I have always dreamed of having a beautiful romantic landscaped garden cascading with flowers coming from every direction. You know, the luscious gardens you see in all the beautiful home and garden magazines. Welp, unfortunately, my only green thumb is the one I have when I happen to get green paint on it when painting my flower components. Since gardening wasn’t something that I was able to master, I turned my attention to designing jewelry with a romantic nature-inspired flair. I spent three years developing a process and technique for painting my lucite flowers. I simply love how well the beautiful Czech glass and flowers simply blend together. For me they are a natural fit.

Enjoy my jewelry!

Necklace with Pink Flowers and Faceted Ovals


Necklace with Elephant and Dangle Drops

Necklace with Flowers and Faceted Ovals


Necklace with Silver and Purple Flowers with Faceted Ovals and Dangle Drops


About Lisa Applegate from Studio 36 Bead Shop:

I grew up in Toms River, New Jersey and relocated to Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 1994 with my husband of 33 wonderful years.  I have two beautiful sons and one amazing grandson who, by the way, has completely stole my heart.  I worked in the corporate world for over 35 years as a Paralegal and Executive Assistant.  When I was about to turn the pivotal age of 50, I began to rethink how I was spending my days.  After leaving a job I loved and moving to a job I couldn’t turn down financially I realized the corporate world was no longer the way I wished to spend what years I have remaining on this Earth.  After some careful thought and deep conversation with my husband, we decided I would somehow make a career out of doing what I simply love - designing jewelry and panting my lucite flower components.  

After my first shipment arrived from Nirvana (literally the day it came), my husband persuaded me to open a bead shop.  By the way, I don’t typically give in easily so with much hesitation I agreed to explore this adventure.  I am beyond blessed that he encouraged me and continues to support me in every way imaginable as we continue to grow our business.  Our shop opened in October of 2018 and I haven’t taken a day for granted.  We have since expanded our business to include an artisan gallery and gift shop. In addition to growing our brick-and-mortar business, you can often find us exploring the country while showing at venues throughout the United States.

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