Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. December 20, 2016

    From Our Family to Yours

    Dear Friends,  Change and uncertainty seem to the be only remaining certainties in the world of beads today. How, where and from whom beaders source their goods remains an evolving process with many more…
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  2. December 07, 2016

    Sometimes it's just about the bead

    As a bead designer who owns a wholesale bead company with my husband, I am surrounded by beads all day in my office. They stay with me mentally most other places as I work through designs in my head. Under those circumstances,  people…
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  3. December 05, 2016

    Our Czech Glass Garden blooms with more dazzling dahlias

    Backyard gardens in Jablonec — where the majority of our Czech beads and buttons are made individually or in small batches by traditional artisans– are not orderly cages of color…
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