I am a free-spirited, simple gal, from a small community in Northern Indiana, in which I own and operate a bead store, Gierek’s Beads. I have 3 outstanding employees, which help to keep our 5 rooms of beads a fun place to shop! Nirvana Beads have always been a design favorite of mine, as well as that of my employees and customers. I have been creating jewelry for over 14 years, and have never participated in any beading competitions.

When Nirvana’s design contest was released, I felt a draw to create a piece that was something unlike I’ve ever seen, and I wanted to use as many Nirvana components that I possible could. I am a runner, and Nature is often my muse, so I wanted to created something that was artistic, as well as organic. Having said that, I would say that 95% of my submission is Nirvana products.

I have been a lampworker for over 10 years, and I included 5 of my own beads into my design. I wanted to implement as many of the beading techniques that I am familiar with. In this piece, I did some stitching, some wire wrapping, some lampworking, some crimping, some stranding, some riveting, and some hammering. I chose to hammer many of the brass pieces to give them a bit of a “from nature appearance”. When I design a piece, I often design “over the the top” even “edgy” pieces.

I strive to set myself apart from others, and design from inspirations that I find in the wonderful world that God has provided us with. I am honored to have submitted a winning design, and this has inspired me to stretch my creative boundaries. Bead Happy my friends!

Necklace with piggy beads

Detail on necklace with piggy beads

Earrings with piggy beads